Which Tie Should You Wear to an Interview?

ABSTRACT: Men might be tempted to put on the first tie they find in the closet, when they are getting ready for an interview. However, experts suggest that potential hires put some thought into choosing the right tie. Here is why.

A Windsor knot (1).
Most fashion authors focus on women's clothing or apparel. However, men can also sometimes benefit from a little fashion advice, especially when it comes to interview attire. Men, as well as women, need to dress properly if they want to make a good impression with their interviewers. In that regard, men oftentimes overlook one key piece of clothing-the necktie.

Here are five things that all men should keep in mind, as they are deciding which tie to wear to an interview.
Always Wear a Tie: A man should always dress up for an interview, even if the company allows employees to wear casual clothes to work. And this means that he should wear a tie. An interviewer will often judge a potential hire based on what he is wearing. If that person arrives at the interview without a tie (and a suit coat), the hiring manager might assume that the interviewee does not really want the job. While we might question the fairness in this assumption, it happens all the time.

Wear a Tie with a Little Pizazz: This one might surprise many people. However, some fashion experts suggest that men wear ties with a little pizazz, when they interview for jobs. The experts argue that potential hires, who wear ties with creative designs or color patterns, will stand out in the interviewers' minds. With that said, the experts caution against going overboard with this idea-no brilliant colors or "joke ties." And they should still dress conservatively.

Stick with the Necktie: Experts warn men against wearing bow ties to interviews. Many hiring managers will equate a bow tie wearing man as someone who jokes around too much. The interviewers might also question the potential hire's willingness to be a team player.

Printed Designs Only: Everyone wants to make a lasting impression with the hiring manager. However, experts warn men against wearing woven ties to interviews, as "they can be overpowering for the interviewer." The employer will be so focused on the tie that he or she might not pay attention to what the interviewee says about his qualifications for the job-and that is a bad thing.

Make Sure the Tie is Clean and Pressed: It goes without saying that men should always choose ties that are clean and wrinkle free, when they are interviewing for a job. An individual who wears a soiled tie to an interview might as well have dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. A hiring manager will often dismiss the man upon first sight if that person's tie is not spotless.

-- Anthony Hopper

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1. Photographer: Joostdemeij
    Date: February 18, 2007
   Title/Description: A windsor knot.
   Location/Permission: Wikimedia Commons -  GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2
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