2012 Summer Olympics Athletes: Manu Ginobili, Argentinian Basketball Player

Abstract: The Olympic men's basketball tournament starts on Sunday, July 29. Argentina is one of the medal contenders in this sport. Get to know more about Manu Ginobili, a key player on the Argentinian basketball team.

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Per the official website, the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games begin in only a few days and men's basketball will be one of the medal events. The Olympic men's basketball tournament will begin on Sunday July 29, and run until Sunday, August 12. The basketball contests are usually fun to watch, especially when the final score is close. Many of the best players in the world will be participating in the tournament. The United States is heavily favored to win a gold medal; however, there are several very good teams who could possibly best the U.S. in a one game elimination match.

One of these basketball teams is the talented Argentinian squad. USA Today considers Argentina to be a medal contender and implies that the team could be a tough out for the Americans if they meet in an elimination match. Get to know Manu Ginobili, one of the stars of Argentina's men's basketball team.

All of the data comes from the NBA's official website unless otherwise noted.

Name: Manu Ginobili
Country: Argentina
Date of Birth: July 28, 1977
Height: 6 feet, 6 inches
Position: Guard
Hometown: Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires (province), Argentina (per CBS)
Wife: Manu Ginobili married Marianela (Many) Orono in the summer of 2004, and they are still together. He first met her at the home of a mutual friend in San Nicolas, Argentina.
Children: Dante and Nicola (twin boys)
Personal Website: ManuGinobili.com
Favorite NBA Player: Growing up, his favorite NBA player was Michael Jordan.
Favorite Foods: Asado, tortellini al brodo, and tagliatelle al ragu
Other Sports: Besides basketball, Manu Ginobili enjoys playing tennis.
Twitter Handle: @manuginobili

Surprising Fact: Per NBC, Manu Ginobili was selected in the 1999 NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs but did not sign on with that team until 2002.

Professional Career: As noted by NBC, Ginobili began his pro basketball career in 1995 with an Argentinian team, Andino. He played with Argentinian and then Italian professional basketball teams from 1995 until the fall of 2002. In that year, he signed with the San Antonio Spurs and has been with the franchise ever since. As a part of the Spurs, he has won three NBA championships (2003, 2005, and 2007).

NBA Honors: Sixth Man of the Year in 2008, two time All-Star, All NBA Third Team in 2008 and again in 2011.

Olympic History: According to NBC, Manu Ginobili participated in both the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympic contests as part of the Argentinian men's basketball team. He helped Argentina win a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Summer Games and a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Ginobili and his Argentinian teammates are hoping to win yet another medal at the London Olympics.

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