2012 Commentary: Republicans Need to Accept Scientific Teachings on Evolution and Global Warming

I would be more inclined to vote for a Republican candidate in the next election cycle if he or she agreed to accept the scientific evidence in favor of evolution and global warming. By affirming these two theories, Republicans would demonstrate to me that they are willing to use the best available data to inform their decisions.

Our nation's leaders should use rational methods and rely on objective data whenever possible. I agree with some of the Republican Party's positions on key issues. However, I hesitate to vote for Republicans because they too often make decisions based on intuition or on unproven dogma.

Case in point: Many Republicans refuse to acknowledge that global warming is real and that humans are at least partly responsible for this phenomenon. The party adheres to this position even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I feel GOP members are harming this nation by refusing to vote for climate-control measures, which might help stop global warming from causing widespread damage to U.S. crops and to coastal infrastructures.

Many Republicans also support the teaching of intelligent design in U.S. public schools even though there is no scientific evidence for this hypothesis. Researchers have conclusively shown that evolution is responsible for creating different species. It is worth noting that one of the largest faith-based denominations in the world, the Catholic Church, believes there is enough evidence to support the teaching of evolution in schools.

As a voter, I ask the Republican Party to reconsider its views on these issues. If Republicans would affirm the scientific theories surrounding global warming and evolution, I would be more willing to vote for them in the next election.

-- Anthony Hopper

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