My Bracket Has Been Busted

Well, I have had better NCAA brackets over the years-that is for sure.  You know it's not a going to be a good year when you check your bracket only to find out that it is ranked in the bottom 2.5% in a prominent, national bracket contest.  I have improved to about 11% or so now...Perhaps I will get really lucky and will be able to move up to around 25% (from the bottom, not the top 25%)...Needless, to say, I should not have picked so many upsets (and should not have counted on mid-majors breaking through the ceiling this year).  How are your brackets coming along?  Hopefully, you are doing better than me.

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My 2013 NCAA Tourney Picks

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament's second round games (the first round consists of the play-in games) have begun.  Here are my picks in this year's NCAA Tourney.  Like the millions of other people who have filled out a bracket, I probably won't have to wait long to suffer my first loss (just hope it is not a bracket busting one).  Bracket comes from ESPN.


Predictions: Tonight's First Round NCAA Tourney Games

Hi All,

The NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament began last night with two first round games.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch the most exciting one-N.C. A&T's one point win over Liberty.  Did you all get a chance to see the game?

Regardless, millions of people (maybe billions) of people around the world will be following the NCAA Tourney.  Many of them will fill out a bracket-try to predict the winners and losers.

I will post my bracket on my blog tomorrow night or Thursday morning before the first Round 2 game begins.  However, I thought I would start things off by trying to predict the winners of tonight's games.

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Game 1: La Salle vs. Boise St.

As one would expect, these two teams are more or less equally matched on paper.  However, I think Boise St. is the better team.  The Broncos are more athletic (and deeper) than the Explorers. 

Boise St. wins by 7.

Game 2: Long Island vs. James Madison

Both teams finished the regular season in fourth place in their respective divisions.  Normally, the Colonial Athetlic division (JMU's home division) would be far superior to the Northeast Division.  However, that might not be the case this year, as Robert Morris demonstrated in last night's win over Kentucky.

That being said, I live in Va. and so kind of have to root for the Va. team in this one.

James Madison wins by 5.

Who knows...I could get both game right, or I could lose both.  That's the fun of March Madness!