Quick Fantasy Football Post

Fantasy Football Recap:

I owned/managed four fantasy football teams this season (see previous posts related to fantasy football).

2 teams finished 1st (2 10-team draft and play leagues).
1 team finished in 3rd place (10-team draft and play league) but did secure the regular season and total points title(s).
1 team finished in 4th place (12-team keeper/auction league).

All in all it was a good year.  Wait, who am I kidding, that is the best year I have ever had. :)  Maybe I can build on that success next year.  I think that I benefited from having played (often poorly) in previous years.  Hopefully, I have learned from my "rookie" mistakes and am ready to do well every year....Nah, probably not...


  1. Congrats Anthony--I hope you enjoy bragging until September. I like the 10 team leagues versus the 12. With 12, it seems that finding anyone on the waiver wire is next to impossible.

  2. Thanks Slam...I will definitely enjoy bragging about my finishes, as I probably won't be able to repeat the feat. I fully agree with you on 12 team leagues. I lost both of my starting running backs for long stretches early in the season and wasn't able to pick-up any quality replacements on the waiver wire. By the time my turn came around, other players had already acquired my targeted rb's. I was lucky enough to be able to trade for Michael Bush, but still...