Quick Thought on Yesterday's and Today's NFL Playoff Games

All I can say is that I am glad I don't bet on NFL games (unless by chance, I happen to be on vacation in Las Vegas).  My predictions for this weekend's games would have not been stellar.  To whit, I was not surprised (and would have predicted) New England's beat down of Denver and the Ravens win over the Texans.  However, I was dumbfounded by San Francisco's victory over New Orleans, especially given the way in which the 49'ers won.  I was equally amazed by the margin of victory in the Giants v. Packers game.  I would have expected a very close game that was decided in the final minute of play.

I wonder who will win next week's contests?

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  1. I am with you on being surprised about the Niners.

    If I'd been told that the Saints would score 32, I would have predicted a win for sure.

    With the Packers--every year it seems like a good team is flat after the bye week. And their secondary was awful; especially in the final drive where the Giants got the touchdown before half.

  2. This week was definitely full of surprises. The Niners-Saints was exciting, frustrating, and nail-bitingly suspenseful all at once; I can only hope the Niners-Giants next week will be equally as exhilarating.

  3. Perhaps a Harbaugh v. Harbaugh Superbowl.