Travails and Triumphs of a Neophyte Blogger

I'll hopefully sit down tomorrow and compose Part 2 of "Why Amateurs are Sometimes Better than Experts at Conveying Information."  Even though that post will contain my rough thoughts (ie. no content editing), it will still take me a while to write it.  For tonight's fare, I thought I would provide readers [if there are any readers ;)] with a brief snippet or perhaps a brief set of snippets discussing my experiences as a new blogger.  As an aside, I want to state that these comments do not represent a critique of any alternative blogging style.  One of the benefits of the blogosphere is that it allows a blogger to experiment with a range of different styles, modes, etc. and find one that represents a good fit for him/her.

* Blog Creation Is a Process: I am literally learning as I go...I seem to constantly make adjustments to my site design in response to comments/things I see on other blogs, ie. the new "grab button."  Additionally, I have altered some other things, such as including more "labels," based on my experiences in the blogosphere and what I have read on forums, seen in other blogs, etc.  I have also become more proficient at using Google Blogspot's tools over time (and use).

* One Shouldn't Expect to Hit the Blogosphere Jackpot Overnight: It takes time to build up a readership base and to attract a sustainable number of daily viewers to the site.  I'm not there yet, and I might never be there, which brings me to my next point.

* Blog about Things You Enjoy Talking about: I would probably garner a lot of additional views/hits if created a specialty blog; however, I would not be satisfied with the result.  While I admire people who are able to keep one or more specialty blogs flowing with new posts, I would become tired of writing solely on one subject.  I enjoy the chance to expound on any topic I choose.  Granted, I could create a host of specialty blogs; however, I might not be able to keep all of them going (due to future work demands, etc.).  I also enjoy the freedom/release that comes with being able to write free-form on any topic I so choose.

*Blogging and Reading Other Blogs Provides Me with a Sense of Community.  I think that one is self-explanatory. :-)

A Funny Thing Happened.  On a recent day, I checked my stats and became very excited when I noticed that the visits for that day were well above average.  That euphoria didn't last long, as I quickly realized that many of the "visits" were my own views.  I forgot to turn off the self-tracker. Hah! :-)


  1. Good insights Anthony, and I am with you on the talk about what you want to talk about.

    Some bloggers are chained to certain topics and products to generate traffic. I can't imagine how little fun that must provide.

    Discovering what drives readers to a blog can be entertaining?

    For me was it my most well written posts? My heavily researched entries? My insights? No, no, and no.

    Lately, about 15% of my visitors found my blog after Googling "Lucky Charms" (I did a post on the kids eating the cereal).

    Go figure.

  2. I too wish to be in that "blogosphere". I like following "Rome wasn't built in one day" way of thinking :P

  3. On the subject of process and development, with today's post, I will begin trying to integrate photos/art into my posts. We'll see how that goes.