Personal Interlude

Most of my posts deal with topics or issues of a non-personal nature, ie. fantasy football, philosophy, etc.  I thought I would "change things up a bit" by adding a personal post to the mix.  I think we all sometimes wonder about the author a post, an article, a book, etc.  We (or at least I) wonder what his/her personality is like, their behaviors, views, etc.  Well, in case anyone is wondering, here are some things about me.

I do not ensconce my memories in a chronological time frame.  In other words, I tend to remember events but not remember what month/year it was in or how old I was, etc.  In one way that is odd because I have an excellent ability to recall information; I can read an article or book and remember specific passages and/or facts from it.  In another way, I think it is simply representative of my views on chronological aging; I don't focus much attention on how old I am or what my age means, etc.  

Another thing about time...As I get older, time seems to speed up.  Days seem to run together and hours/moments lose some of their significance.  If you asked me the 5th grade me whether a month was a long time, I would have exclaimed that it was.  If something important (to me) was going to happen in a month, I would have anxiously counted down those days--it would have seemed like an eternity.  Now, a month is "nothing."  I am not sure that I even consider a year to be  "a long time" anymore.  
While I might be able occasionally to remember verbatim passages from a book or lines from an article, for the life of me, I can take the same path to a particular location 500 times and still not remember it.  In other words, I have absolutely no sense of direction.  I can even get lost in a large shopping mall.  Garmin is a lifesaver, let me tell you!

Finally, I like ice cream--so much so that I tend to down a couple of pints every time I indulge.  Luckily, I restrict myself to eating ice cream once a week. :-)

Photos/Sketches courtesy of Microsoft clip art (Microsoft Office).

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