Predictions for 2012 (For Entertainment Purposes Only)

The people reading this post likely have differing views of psychics and their ability to predict future events.  While I personally do not believe that human beings can predict the future via paranormal/para-psychological methods, I respect other views on the subject.

Now that I have thrown that disclaimer out there...I must say that I was absolutely amazed at the sheer volume of predictions that have been posited in the press or on websites in the past couple of weeks.  It appears that thousands of people have thrown their hat into the "prediction ring"--perhaps after drinking too much bubbly at New Year's.  With that said, I thought I would join in on the "fun" and make some predictions of my own...:Let's see how many come true.

Another caveat, these predictions are for entertainment purposes only.  I do not purport to possess any psychic abilities! :-)

An earthquake will occur somewhere in the world.  In fact, the earth will experience at least one of these tremors (however tiny) every day this year.

A large wildfire will wreak havoc somewhere in the western U.S. this summer/fall.

Someone, somewhere will win a large lottery, and it won't be me.

Someone's Pisces will cross with someone else's Taurus, thereby portending some event of significance...which---cloudy, very cloudy....can't quite make it out...

Good news, 2012 is not the end of the world as we know it.

I will invariably forget to wear a coat or carry an umbrella and thus will have to brave a rainstorm in only a t-shirt/shorts (obviously a prediction for the summer).

I will not travel outside the U.S. this year.

The San Francisco 49'ers will play the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl.  San Francisco will come out victorious. 

Mitt Romney will lose the South Carolina primary but will win in Florida and thereby seal up the Republican nomination.

The winner of the presidential race will be...uh, my crystal ball fogged up once again.  I should have gone with that Magic 8'Ball I saw at Walmart...Oh well...

That's all for now.         

Anthony H. Super-psychic...

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Office clip art.


  1. Yes, someone somewhere will win the big lottery and it won't be me either! Great post. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your Wednesday.

  2. Thanks...though perhaps my prediction about winning the lottery won't come true--which means I will win the lottery. :-)

  3. I also think social will become more public, than ever before. Privacy is for places like Facebook, but there will be sites out there where people do not care so much about privacy, because they will only post what they want to be seen by everyone.

  4. Perhaps one of the most important facets of the social network revolution is that it allows people to form larger networks and to create communities that straddle countries, cultures, and languages. Additionally, almost everyone who has access to the Internet can leave a piece of them behind--a diary for others to read or see in perpetuity.

  5. And someone, somewhere, will discover my fascinating blog, and leave a comment.... Thank you!