Random Thoughts


I hope that both of today's games close, hard fought battles and not blow-outs.  I think that San Francisco has the advantage against N.Y.  They are two, fairly evenly matched teams (at least at this point in the season); however advantage to SF because of the weather (favors defense) and the fact that they are playing in San Francisco.  New England is the odds on favorite to beat Baltimore (some analysts are calling for a blow-out); however, for some reason, I feel that Baltimore will pull this one out--no logical reason for it.  Of course, given how poorly my intuition has performed in the past (I've never won the lottery for instance), I wouldn't put any money on a Baltimore win (or even for the team to cover).

Republican Primaries/Caucuses

My predictions in a previous post aside (see "Predictions for 2012"), what are the odds that this one is decided at the Republican Convention?  If I were any of the four, remaining candidates, I would be hesitant to drop out of the race until someone achieves the magical 1144 delegate count.  Even if I finish in 4th place in the primaries/caucuses, I will still garner some delegates and can use those amassed delegates to negotiate for a V-P/Cabinet spot or perhaps to try and pull a coup at the Convention and win it on a ballot vote.

Plato: 'The Republic' and Other Works (translated by B. Jowett)

Plato's works are an interesting read; however, this translated text is a slog to get through.  I find it easy to get distracted while reading this one (and that is unusual).  And granted, the book was published before I was born; nevertheless, who uses the term "sillybillies?"  Was that a popular phrase in the 1970s? (not a jab at the author--just an attempt at humor).

Okay, that is all for now. 


  1. Re: Republican Primaries. I'd say it's moderate. There have been enough surges, drops, and surprises that there is no clear candidate yet (then again, even this is up in the air. We'll have to wait until after Super Tuesday to have a more clear picture).

  2. You almost had both winners on Sunday.

    Minus the 2 punt return blunders, I think the 49ers would have won by double digits. They were pounding Eli, and the Giants just finally gave up on their run game.