My Time Capsule(s)--Part 3

First off, I want to thank you all for the comments you left in the "Blog Notes" post...I tried to respond to each of them.  I will be unveiling my new blog design late next week to surprise, gasps, anger, adulation, joy, laughter?  Who knows... ;-)

Now, as to what I would put in my time capsules, here is a list for each.

Time Capsule (box)

Some of the toys I played with as a child, including a 3-headed dragon toy, some Star Wars figures, maybe one of the portable video games, etc.  Hmm, they could be quite valuable (monetarily) in a hundred years...

Some of the books that I read from 5th Grade through high school.  Most of them are sci-fi/fantasy paperbacks.  I assume, even given that they are printed on cheap paper, they will survive for a hundred years (at least the book covers will) in a box that is sealed and buried.

Some of the clothes that I wore when I was a toddler (yes, we were all toddlers once).

Some of my photos which are not on digital mediums.  I think that photos of me in general might be rare, since I don't take many pictures...I will have to hunt around for them (asking sisters, relatives, etc.).

Some of the papers I wrote that are not stored digitally.  I will probably have to laminate the pages to keep them from decomposing over the next century.

Some other trinkets, ie. the bank that I kept my "rare" coins (a couple of wheat pennies, a few Susan B. Anthony's, a nickel from 1943, and a couple other coins) in...and perhaps some first day covers (philatelic value) that I collected or treasured as a child.

Some of my current clothes.

Maybe a locket of my hair...oh wait, well, don't think I can include that one. :-)

A letter/note with a brief discussion of each entry and explanation of why I am including it in the physical time capsule.

Virtual Time Capsule (website)

I would include any blog posts, essays, musings, etc. that I have written, except for anything that is proprietary and belongs to someone else (for instance things I did for other companies won't be included) which are stored in a digital environment.

I would include my diary and add some catchy title to it, maybe: 'Anthony's Journey into...'

I would include any on-line avatars that I used, ie. the Yahoo Avatar I used to use before I added my photo.

I would include descriptions and screen images of all my favorite websites.  I would also include the links; however, I doubt they will be in use.

I would include screenshots of some of the video games I have played.

I would include some of my current e-mails that do not deal with proprietary information.  I would blank out any names of friends/etc., though after a 100 years, I am not sure this part matters.

Well, that's all for now.

Clip Art courtesy of Microsoft Office


  1. I love where you're going with this. You can even scan in your old photos and include them with your virtual time capsule.

  2. your welcome sir, okay i will wait you design next week :)

  3. I think you've included a pretty good comprehensive overview of who you are, and of the time span you live in. I dimly recall burying a time capsule myself once, at infant school (I think I drew a picture)..!

  4. Are you including the Kaleco hand held football game, you know, the ones that were just red dash marks on the screen, haha.

  5. Well, you will have a lot of work to do! But I think that´s a good idea :)
    I'll check that!

  6. I love how you put so much thought and effort into this. Years from now it's really going to be interesting to take a look into. I especially love the idea of a virtual timecapsule :)

  7. I really like the idea of a time capsule, but I don't think humanity will care much in a hundred years.