It Is Kind of Odd How Technology Both Enslaves Us and Sets Us Free

To me, it seems that the technological revolution enslaves us and provides us with more freedoms at the same time.  I realize that is perhaps an odd thought, but...

Part 1: Technology Sets Us Free

Increases Our Freedom

We have so many more choices now...We can surf the Web (and millions of websites), play video games, watch movies, etc.

Chains - Courtesy of Microsoft Office
We are no longer connected to a certain personality or environment/cutlure.  We can now choose to spend our time in a variety of different, virtual environments.  We can choose to be whoever we want to be in these virtual realms.  In a way, we have the chance to start over each time we enter a new virtual realm; we don't carry any "baggage" or past when we first sign-up to World of Warcraft, or a chatroom, or some other virtual place.

We are not connected to a place.  By that, I mean we don't have to be in a certain physical location to take part in things like watching movies, listening to music, etc.  We can do it anywhere and with almost any device (assuming it is electronic).

Time has lost its meaning...Oh, we still grow old, but we do not live in a linear environment anymore...Granted, that was partially true before the advent of the technology revolution, but it has become much more the case now.

We have much more control over our interactions with other people.  We can use traditional methods to talk, such as via mail, calling, talking in person; however, we can now talk by Internet, text, etc.  And we now have much more control over the time, place, environment, background, etc.

Some of us have, or will have, more freedom at work.  Growing numbers of people telecommute; they no longer have to travel to a physical location each day to work (or go to school).  The percentages will likely grow over the next few decades.


  1. Interesting. I'm not sure how it enslaves us, though.

  2. It really does give us opportunities no one has ever had before!! At the same time, you're stuck in front of a computer the whole time...

  3. It's only when we lose everything, that we are free to do anything.

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  5. Hi Anthony,

    I'm not sure what new advertiser you have but whenever I check out your blog now, my virus alert pops up...can you let me know when you change? I think it may be the SENS...thanks!!!

  6. I will email SENS to test the banner out using McAfee, Semantic, and Viper. AVG and Adaware give it a thumbs up (no virus pop-ups). Is anyone else having this issue? Let me know.

    Also, thanks for all of your comments :-)


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  8. However, as we are eternally "connected" I believe we've begun to lose touch with ourselves. If one is always imbibing information and endlessly entertained....where does the contemplation and maturity happen? It's almost like you're never alone anymore. Being alone with your actions, thoughts...even your regrets and ghosts...this is where a human being evolves, changes.

  9. Good points. Technology does have the ability to open up a lot of things that would otherwise be inaccessible.

    I'm interested to read Part 2.

  10. Talk about technology enslaving me, this is the third time I have tried to comment and I keep getting an error message.

  11. I can empathize with you on that one.

  12. Not everyone has the discipline or maturity to discern between which is beneficial or destructive, on-line - it can often take over, to the detriment of living a "real" life (especially for those who are naturally pre-disposed to being vulnerable; the young, or the lonely, or with those of an obsessive nature). But for the most part, we are so blessed to have these tools to enrich our life.

    My family could never live in this sleepy little isle, were my husband not able to work from home every other week (commuting to his office in London, on the other). Via the advent of video conferences and emails, he is perfectly able to be efficeintly productive still based at home. Personally, I have no use for FaceBook, Twitter, or on-line chat - I dipped my toe in, and found it too demanding. That said, I adore blogging, and couldn't imagine my life without it now.

  13. I don't care if technology enslaves me. I love it too much.

  14. So true, technology has let us do so much, but we have become so dependent on it, e.g. the Y2k scare. And, how I have to sue my laptop everyday!

  15. Hello! I think You are right...But there are a lot of problems too...The big part of virtual world are not cool...We must save our culture and children...