Thoughts for the Week

I am too tired tonight (this morning) to write anything deep and meaningful, so some facile thoughts for tonight. :-)

1) I did it!  I changed the design on my blog.  What do you all think?  I opted for a nice, earthy background and strong, vibrant colors [but sorry Jax, no yellow ;)]....I might change it up again soon.  That was fun.

2) Spring is here!  Finally, spring has was a balmy 75-80 degrees today.

3) My NCAA bracket has not only been busted, it has been demolished, though at least one of my upset picks, VCU did win.

4) What a game!  I watched the Lehigh v. Duke game on my computer, and it was a classic.  Too bad I picked Duke to win.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Office.


  1. El cambio del fondo de blog es muy original, se nota que la primavera le queda poco para saludarnos...

    Te deseo un intenso y placido fin de semana acunado por la armonía del descanso.

    Me he paseado por el jardín del olvido y he reunido las flores más bellas que se han abierto a la luz de la esperanza para ti...

    Un abrazo de azucenas
    Un beso de azaleas
    Esporas de amistad
    Aromas de sentimientos

    Cuidalas con esmero

    María del Carmen

  2. Very nice background and new format. Good job!

  3. Dear Anthony, Spring is definitely here in NY!! I just came back from a walk. It was beautiful.
    I like your new background. It looks three dimensional. Really nice.
    Thank you Anthony for your visits. I always look forward. Blessings my friend, Catherine

  4. LOL It looks very nice!! I forgive you on the no yellow. hahahaha Hope you had a great st. pattys day!

  5. feels like spring has been around for a while now to me. I think this was the warmest winter of my lifetime.

  6. Pretty good insight!

    You know I would love if a writer talented like you would visit my blog and check things out!

    Let me know,


  7. The new background is very uplifting... Makes me feel like spring is in the air... which it is, I suppose.

  8. It is a good thing to smell all of the wonderful aromas of spring on these great days! I like the background. Hope your week is a great one, Anthony.

  9. Great job! It's really nice :P