Is One Hundred Years a Long Time?

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As I noted in my very first blog post, I will try post my initial/ad hoc thoughts on here.  As such, some of my ruminations are a little rough around the edges (to say the least).  This post is no exception.  With that said, please accept my apologies in advance for any issues with coherency, organization, and/or grammar.

Some of you might think that a hundred years is a long time.  However, is that really the case?  Some of us will live a hundred years or longer.  When we reach centenarian status, we might say, “Wow, I've lived a long time!” However, we are more likely to say, “Time is so short; I need more years!” 

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How about two hundred years…?  Do you think 1814 is part of ancient history?  Well, in many cases, our great-great-great-great grandparents (perhaps even our great-great-great grandparents) were alive at that time.  That might seem like a lot of “greats,” until you stop and think that many of us will have met at least one great-grandparent (before that esteemed elder passed away).

So, perhaps 200 years is not a great deal of time…In fact, to me it feels like I can almost touch it.  If I had asked my granddad (when he was alive) for stories he had heard of his granddad, who lived in the late 1800s, perhaps he could have told me
…And if that individual had in turn asked his granddad for stories…Well, I hope you see where I am going with that…

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