What Baseball Fans Need to Know about the Commissioner's Trophy (2012)

Abstract: Many baseball fans may not know that the winner of the World Series also takes home a championship trophy-the Commissioner's Trophy. Read on to learn more about this important championship token.

Major League Baseball's 2012 season is entering the homestretch. The remaining teams are battling to determine who will play in the World Series, which begins Oct. 24.

2011 Commissioner's Trophy Presentation (1)
Baseball fans and casual observers alike might find this information on the Commissioner's Trophy -- awarded to the winner of the World Series -- helpful as they get ready to watch the World Series.

Who Wins the Trophy?: The World Series winner takes home the Commissioner's Trophy.

Can the Team Keep It?: Yes, the team that takes home the 2012 Commissioner's Trophy can keep it. The MLB commissioner will have a new trophy created for the 2013 season.

History: Major League Baseball began the tradition of giving the World Series winner a trophy in 1967. MLB officials originally referred to the item as the "World Series Trophy." They renamed it the Commissioner's Trophy in 1985.

Did You Know?: From 1970-1985, the Commissioner's Trophy was the official name for the All-Star MVP Award.

Who Makes the Trophy: Since 2000, Tiffany and Co. has been responsible for creating the Commissioner's Trophy.

How Much Does It Weigh: The trophy, which is composed of more than 200 troy ounces of sterling silver, weighs around 30 pounds.

The Trophy's Design: The Commissioner's Trophy features 30 flags on poles--one for each major league team. These pennants are arranged in a circle with the flagpoles in the background taller than the ones in the foreground. The top part of the base features a baseball design with longitude and latitude lines drawn onto its face. The side of the base contains the phrase, "Presented by the Commissioner of Baseball" along with (and above) the phrase, "World Series Champions."

Fun Fact: The St. Louis Cardinals took home the first "Commissioner's Trophy" when they won the 1967 World Series. The team is also the proud owner of the most recent Commissioner's Trophy.

Trophy Presentation: Until 1996, the trophy presentation ceremony always took place in the clubhouse. Since that time, the commissioner has presented the trophy to the World Series winner on the field when that team clinches the championship at home.

Top Trophy Winner: The New York Yankees have won the Commissioner's Trophy seven times, which is more than any other MLB team.


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The author has followed Major League Baseball for many years and is a fan of the Atlanta Braves.

-- Anthony Hopper

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