10 Great Gift Ideas for Fans of the Charlotte Hornets - 2013

ABSTRACT: The holiday season is almost here. Why not give one of these 10 gifts to the Charlotte Bobcats fans on your list.

A Charlotte Bobcats game (1).
The holiday season has almost arrived. Do you have any friends or loved ones who are die hard fans of the Charlotte Bobcats? If so, you might want to think about giving them one of these 10 items as a gift:

1. Bobcats Beanie: If you do not have a lot of money to spend this holiday season, you might want to consider handing out Bobcats beanies as gifts. You can purchase these hats, which are emblazoned with the Bobcats logo, for only $9.95 from the Yahoo Sports Shop.

2. Bobcats Tickets: Do you know a Bobcats fan who would love to watch his or her team in action? If so, you can make that individual's dream come true without busting your wallet. You can purchase tickets to the Bobcats' Dec. 27 home game, against the Oklahoma Thunder, for as little as $26.70. You can find these tickets at StubHub.

3. Bobcats Boots: If you want to purchase something nice for the female Bobcats fans in your life, you might want to take a look at this item. These gray boots, which are made by Cuce Shoes, feature synthetic suede on the outside and a faux fur lining on the inside. The boots are emblazoned with the official Bobcats logo. You can purchase these shoes from the Yahoo Sports Shop for $109.95.

4. Bobcats TY Beanie Ball: This gift is great for children. The kids can toss this adorable stuffed animal back and forth to each other, or they can play by themselves. The toy is recommended for children who are three years of age and older. You can buy it on for $8.99.

5. Bobcats Youth Pullover and Hoodie: If you want to purchase something a little less frivolous for the young Bobcats fan on your list, you should look at this item. The pullover, made by Adidas, contains the team's official colors and has "Cats" imprinted on the front. You can purchase the clothing in several different sizes, ranging from small through extra-large. It is available online at Dick's Sporting Goods' e-shop for $45.00. You might also be able to find this item in brick and mortar establishments.

6. Bobcats Wristwatch: Do you have a male Bobcats fan on your list who is in need of a timepiece? If so, you might want to think about purchasing this item for him. The water resistant watch contains the team's logo on its front. It sports an adjustable rubber band and glow in the dark time markings. You can buy it online at Yahoo Sports Shop for $49.95.

7. Bobcats iPhone Case: Bobcats fans, who are iPhone users, might like this gift. The plastic case sports a blue plaid design and is emblazoned with the team's logo. Yahoo Sports Shop is selling it for $39.95.

8. NBA Video Game: Does the Bobcats fan on your list like playing video games? If so, you might want to buy that person a copy of NBA2K13. It allows users to play as any NBA team, including the Bobcats. Best Buy's online site is selling new copies of the game for a variety of platforms, with prices ranging from $29.99 - $39.99.

9. Bobcats Toaster: Why not surprise the Bobcats fan on your list by giving that person a toaster? The gray colored device features the team's logo on its front and can toast two pieces of bread at one time. More importantly, the toaster's makers claim it will "brand your bread" with the Bobcats logo. You can purchase this item at the Bobcats online store for $39.95.

10. Bobcats Towel: This gift is perfect for Bobcats fans of all ages. They can place these 16-inch-by-16-inch towels on any wall in house. Yahoo Sports Shop is selling this item for $10.95.

1. Author: Kielerjunge
    Date: November 11, 2005
    Title/Description: Freiwurf Charlotte Bobcats beim NBA Spiel gegen die Mavericks in Charlotte.
    Location/Permission: Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany
    license. (see link in title and caption).

-- Anthony Hopper

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