Haiku about Clouds, Cairns, Seasons, and Birds

I penned these three haiku in December 2012.  I hope you enjoy perusing these poems.

Haiku #1: Clouds and Cairns

A soft wind moves clouds
Red-winged blackbirds flying into the sunset (1)
An ancient cairn lay untouched
Young mice scurry past

Haiku #2: Of Time and Seasons

Fields of brilliant green
A moment's passing of time
Shades of brown surround

Haiku #3: Birds in Flight near Sunset

The quiet broken!
A mad dash as birds take flight
Into the sunset

-- Anthony Hopper

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(1) Credit: Jerry Segraves
      Title: Blackbirds - Sunset
      Copyright: April 25, 2006 - in Wikimedia Commons. The author has released the image into the public
                         domain per his notes in Wikimedia Commons.

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