Four Haiku and a Limerick

A Curious Child 

The crisp air portends of spring
A child on bended knee
Searches for a hidden treasure

Renewal Amidst a Charred and Blackened Land 

Amidst charred and blackened land
Sunrise over the Black Sea (1)
A harbinger of renewal
A fragile, green shoot peaks through

The Sun Comes Forth to Banish the Night 

Three-fold color doth shine forth
To banish the night's wrath
And usher in the glorious day

A Ship’s Light 

A ship's light
Seen from a harbor
In a pitch black night

The Train Blew Its Whistle 

The train blew its whistle 
As it sped like a missile 
Down a sturdy iron track 
It never looked back 
Traveling through fields of thistle

-- Anthony Hopper

1. Author: Moise Nicu
    Uploded to Wikimedia on February, 22, 2009
    Permission: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. (see link under the author's name).

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