Three Haiku

I have written a number of haiku over the last few years.  Here are three of these poems.

Haiku #1: An Unexpectedly Cold Summer's Day

The sun's cheery light
North view from Riansares Mountain, Clinton County (1)
Cannot seem to warm the wind
A cold rain portends

Haiku #2: The Bird Waits

Standing, not moving
Plumage - a swirl of colors
The bird is ready

Haiku #3: A Storm in the Ocean

An eerie silence
A scent of ozone portends
Dark skies and large waves

-- Anthony Hopper

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(1) Credit: Nicholas A. Tonelli
      Title: Rainstorm
      Copyright: May 7, 2011 - in Wikimedia Commons. The author has released the image into the public
                         domain via a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license (see linked title for photo).

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