My Week 9 NFL Picks

I haven't had a chance (or really much incentive) to review the ESPN, Yahoo, Fox, etc. sportswriters' picks in today's NFL games.  With that said, I thought it might be interesting to see how many NFL games I can pick correctly without doing any specific, in depth research for Week 9 (apart from what I do to set my fantasy football team lineups).  As a caveat, I have been keeping close tabs on most of the NFL teams throughout the season as part of my fantasy football research.  I know (more or less) how each team has done so far this year and have at least some knowledge of each team's strengths and weaknesses.

Ok, so here it goes...My picks for this week (using Yahoo's NFL schedule).  My picks are in boldface.  Let's see how I do...

Miami vs. Indianapolis

Buffalo vs. Houston

Baltimore vs. Cleveland 

Denver vs. Cincinnati

Chicago vs. Tennessee

Detroit vs. Jacksonville

Arizona vs. Green Bay

Carolina vs. Washington

Tampa Bay vs. Oakland

Minnesota vs. Seattle

Pittsburgh vs. New York Giants

Dallas vs. Atlanta

San Diego vs. Kansas City (game has already been played-San Diego won)

Philadelphia vs. New Orleans


  1. did you hear about the redskins-presidential election thing? apparently it's been right for decades.

  2. I heard about that presidential election thing. I hope it's correct.