Elect Anthony Hopper as U.S. President in 2016

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I took a few moments to envision myself (Anthony Hopper) running for president in 2016 and actually having a chance to win.  What would my campaign speech look like?  Well, I have pasted a first draft of it below (in purple font) and titled it: "Elect Anthony Hopper as U.S. President in 2016."

It is worth noting that many of my frustrations/concerns with the current elected leaders who reside on Capitol Hill (and in the White House) will not be fixed (in fact, cannot be fixed)--they are byproducts of our socio-economic system.  I am fine with that...In fact, I will probably vote for Republicans and Democrats (members of Congress, senators, president, etc.) who fall far short of my ideals (and frustrate me greatly), though I might opt for a third-party candidate or two as well...

So without further ado, here is my speech.  What do you think?
Elect Anthony Hopper as U.S. President in 2016

I hope that you will vote for me for president when you go to the polls on Nov. 1, 2016.  I promise you that, if elected president, I will work with Democrats and Republicans to solve our country’s most pressing problems.  I know you have heard that phrase time and time again; however, I mean it.  I can work with both parties because I am a true independent.  I have much more flexibility than either the Republican or Democratic candidate.  I can do what I think is right for the country without worrying about offending my base.  More than either of my competitors, I would be able to represent all Americans. I realize that we must compromise on issues if we are going to get anything done!

I also promise to put the country’s needs above my own self-interests.  I will use the best available data and expert opinions to inform my decisions, and I will not shy away from putting forth legislation that is unpopular if I think it will benefit the nation. Additionally, I am willing to change my views on an issue if new data comes in demonstrating that my previous position was erroneous.

If we want our children and grandchildren to live in a prosperous country, we must be willing to think long-term.  We cannot shy away from passing legislation that will benefit us over the long-term, even if those bills may not do much to benefit Americans in the here and now.  We must also be proactive in finding solutions to endemic problems like illegal immigration and Social Security.  We cannot keep passing the buck on these issues!

If you elect me as the next president of the United States, you will not always agree with my decisions.  None of you will be happy with me all of the time.  Many of you will criticize me for changing my stances on issues-for being a flip-flopper.  That is okay, as long as historians look back on my presidency and say, “He always put the country above himself.”

I hope you will vote for me on Nov. 1, 2016.  If you are unhappy with the current gridlock on Capitol Hill, you can make a difference! You can vote for Anthony Hopper for U.S. president.

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