New Blog Design Drives Traffic to Older Posts?

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a happy Thanksgiving (and for viewers living in other countries, a happy Thursday and Friday!)!  Some of you might have noticed that I made a radical change to the blog layout.  I went from using a linear focused blog (eg. 4 articles in a vertical row on a page) to utilizing one that is much more dynamic, providing the reader instant access to any of my blog posts.

In the old format, people who visited the blog would view the first couple of articles; however, they rarely looked at any of my older blog posts.  I felt that many (probably most) of my older blog posts might still be valuable (eg. still relevant) to readers.  However, I could not find a way to bring these older articles to a viewer's attention using the old format.

Hence, I decided to try the current, dynamic format.  The new blog design still favors my most recent blog posts (the posts move in chronological order from the newest in the top left to the oldest in the bottom right); however, it posits the older posts front and center on the screen. Visitors no longer have to dig through the archives to find older posts.

After a few months, I will be able to determine whether the new blog design is more effective than the previous one in increasing traffic to my older posts.  I will provide an update...


  1. La verdad que tienes razòn es mucho màs dinàmico. Enhorabuena

    un abrazo


  2. Definitely very cool! I likey. Please give an update soon. I'm thinking about going this route for my blog too.

  3. Thanks...I should know soon whether or not the new design is accomplishing its objective.

  4. I'm was confused for a sec on how this design works. But this will make your old posts be seen by readers. You'll get more potential readers and page views in this designed. Question, does your page views increased since the day you change your blog design?

  5. The page views have increased; however, I am not sure yet whether any of that is due to the new blog design.