Frankenstorm: The Presidential Election's October Surprise?

My photo, dated 10/29/2012-Copse of trees near my residence
Looking at the weather reports, this storm ( a mixture of a hurricane and a nor'easter) will be a monster.  Experts have dubbed it the Frankenstorm and suggest that it might cause more than a billion dollars in damage.  The storm is massive.  My locality (Roanoke, Va.) is nowhere near the storm's epicenter; it will receive a good dose of wind and rain nonetheless.  Some authorities in and around Roanoke are already preparing for the worst.  Could a storm this vast and powerful impact the presidential election?  Could it be the oft discussed October surprise?

Once the storm passes, several states will require federal aid and assistance--perhaps a great deal of assistance.  Unfortunately, the storm will also likely cause some human fatalities; storms of this nature usually do.  The nation will be watching to see how FEMA and other government agencies respond to the tragedies.    If the public feels that the federal government doesn't respond forcefully enough; they may blame President Barack Obama.  The president's Katrina moment will be enough to sink his election chances.  By contrast, if the populace is happy with the government response, Obama might gain some votes.

What do you all think about this one?  Will the Frankenstorm influence the election.  Is it the October surprise that many pundits have been waiting for?


  1. Obama did pretty well with that last hurricane. Only time will tell.

  2. Hello! It is very interesting for why this storm is very unique and very big? I have heard about it in TV.
    Anwser for your question. I think the football is very popular,,,

  3. I think it could influence the election if a lot of people are unhappy with the President's response--but if Obama handles it well, I'm not sure it would bring in a huge number of votes.

  4. Watching the storm hit now. Pretty wild stuff!


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  6. Yo creo que Obama està haciendo muy bien la gestiòn de esta catàstrofe, espero que serà reelegido.

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