A Little Baseball & A Little Fantasy Football

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I thought I would touch on a little baseball and a little fantasy football in this blog post.  In the first part, I have included a link to a recent freelance article I wrote highlighting some of Chipper Jones' most memorable home runs.  Some of you might find the article interesting, especially given that Jones will be hanging up his cleats after 19 seasons (or 20 seasons if you count one season he didn't pay because of injury).  The second part of the blog post will provide you with an update on my fantasy football teams.

Baseball: Chipper Jones' Memorable Home Runs

As I mentioned previously, Chipper Jones, who plays third base for the Atlanta Braves, is retiring at the end of this postseason.  He was a great batter and hit a lot of homers during his tenure with the Braves.  In honor of that fact, I wrote a freelance article highlighting some of his most memorable home runs.  You can find it below:

Chipper Jones' 10 Most Memorable Home Runs   -- No longer available at that site

Fantasy Football: How My Teams Are Doing...

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In regards to fantasy football, I am doing okay overall.  I am 4-0 in one of my 10-team snake draft, non-ppr leagues and 3-1 in the other snake draft, non-ppr league.  Sadly, I am only 2-2 in my 12 team, auction, keeper league (which is also ppr).  My snake draft leagues have been winning in large part due to Matt Ryan, Victor Cruz, and Antonio Brown.  Matt Ryan, the QB for the Atlanta Falcons, seems to step up with a big game every week. Cruz and Brown have had big games when my team has needed them most.  Each of those teams have other key pieces as well.  I have Ray Rice (RB for the Baltimore Ravens) and Marshawn Lynch (RB for the Seattle Seahawks), and Jimmy Graham (TE for the New Orleans Saints) on one team and Trent Richardson (RB for the Cleveland Browns), Julio Jones (WR for the Atlanta Falcons), and Aaron Rogers (you can start two QB's in this league--one in the flex).  My keeper league team has a dearth of talent apart from Eli Manning, Reggie Bush (who is oft injured), and Antonio Brown, and it shows in the 2-2 start.

Fantasy Football: What Surprises Me Most about This Season

What surprises me most about the season so far is the lack of players who get a chance due to injury and become year long superstars.  Heck, for that matter, IMO, there haven't been any sleepers to superstars yet.  Alfred Morris (one of the my preseason players to watch--see a previous post) is doing well; however, he certainly is not this year's running back equivalent of Victor Cruz.  Brian Hartline (WR Miami) might be turn out to be that guy; however, so far, he has been up and down.  Literally!  Great week followed by a sub-par week followed by a great week.  Let's see how Hartline performs this week in Cincinnati.  In thinking about it, perhaps some people would consider Robert Griffin III to be a sleeper hit; however, I never saw him as a sleeper in the first place.

Ok, that is all for now.  Enjoy the game tonight!


  1. Jones was my favorite player when I was younger.

  2. maybe they should have better safety precautions in fantasy football :P

  3. Sounds like it's been an interesting season so far.

  4. You're having fun :p

    (+ click pt)

    Have a nice week.

  5. I just remember Chipper Jones hitting many home runs against the Cubs causing me a lot of depression... or really the Cubs caused it.

  6. Hows your football team doing now? Playoffs?

    1. The team in the 12-team league didn't make the regular playoffs (lost in the consolation playoffs). One of my other teams lost in the semifinals. I did manage to get one team to the finals, which means I will secure at least one 2nd place finish--if not a 1st place finish. All in all, that is not a bad year.