Three Key Takeways from 2012 Fantasy Football Season

Going into Week 7's Sunday games, my three fantasy football teams are 1st (out of 10), 1st (out of 10) and 10th (out of 12).  My last team (in a 12 team keeper league) is an uninspiring 2-4.  Hopefully, I can keep the good times rolling for two of my teams and somehow find a way to get something rolling for the under performing squad.  As for fantasy football, I've learned some things (or at least, I keep getting reminded of some things) during the first seven weeks.  Here are three of my key takeaways from the first half of the 2012 fantasy football season.
The Pittsburgh Steelers lineup against the Tennessee Titans during the 2008 season. Citation at bottom of post.

Number 1: One Fantasy Player Can Make or Break Your Day

Fantasy football might be a team effort (the owner and his/her fantasy players).  However, one player can make or break a team's week.  As a case in point, one of my fantasy teams was up by almost 40 points a couple of weeks ago (Week 4 to be exact).  The other team had Dez Bryant and the Chicago defense.  Dez was good but not great; he didn't beat my team.  The Chicago defense on the other hand--well, let's just say it was painful to watch.  The Chicago d. amassed 25.00 points (which is about 5 times more than defenses usually score in this league)--more points than anyone else on his team.  He went on to beat me by 5 points.

Number 2: Dream Match-ups Don't Always Pan Out

I was stoked for the Thursday, Oct. 11 game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans.  For one thing, I'm a Steelers fan, and I assumed that my team, which was 2-2 and had just beaten the Philadelphia Eagles, would trounce the hapless Titans, who were 1-4.  At the same time, all three of my fantasy football teams featured wide receiver Antonio Brown.  How could Brown not put up huge numbers against one of the worst pass defenses in the league?  Well, Brown finished the day with 4 catches for 20 yards, and the Steelers lost.  Ouch!

Number 3: One or Two Plays Make All the Difference

It would make life a lot easier (for me anyway) if players accumulated fantasy points in predictable fashion.  However, my fantasy players (and those of my opponents as well) tend to get most of their weekly points in one or two big plays.  For instance, a running back's first 10 carries might go for 40 yards.  He then proceeds to break free for a 40 yard touchdown scamper.  His fantasy point total immediately goes from 4 to 14 (in Yahoo Sports non-ppr, default scoring leagues anyway).

Ok, maybe I lied :).  Those breakout plays make football (and especially fantasy football) exciting.  At the same time, it is frustrating (well, when the big scoring play goes against me anyway).

Photo courtesy of Andy (via Wikimedia Commons-Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license) and located on Flickr profile, Tiny Steelers?

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