Fantasy Football Teams:Fin de Sicle

I'm sure readers can peruse through my two posts on my fantasy football teams and note the strengths and weaknesses of my logic/decisions.  As for my teams, well, the team discussed in Part 2 (the keeper league, PPR team) has already won its game and is heading to its fantasy semi-finals.  The other team ran into a bit of bad luck (and perhaps questionable decision-making on my part in who to start) when Demarco Murray was injured with only 3.1 fantasy points.  I will need 53 yards from Brandon Lloyd tonight in order to move on to the semi-finals in that league.  I don't hold out much hope of Lloyd accomplishing this task, but, referencing an old cliche, "One can always hope."

***Update, my fantasy football team won the game by a final score of 96.98 to 94.04. :)


  1. I am guessing that you are happy since Lloyd delivered 82. Congrats.

    I pronounced myself an idiot for drafting Felix Jones when Murray dominated for several weeks, but with him done for the year and Jones going against the Bucs awful defense, he may just help me steal a win this week.

  2. I was extremely happy when Brandon Lloyd caught that 33 yard pass to put me over the top, especially given that he didn't catch any more passes for the remainder of the game.--phew.

    I think Felix Jones will do well against the Bucs and should help propel your team to victory IF he can stay healthy for the entire game. I had Felix on all of my teams earlier in the season; he frustrated me to no end with his injuries.

    Either way, congrats on making your playoffs! Did your son's team make the post-season as well?