Fantasy Football--Questions Entering this Week's Slate of Games

Well, all of my fantasy teams have made it to the semi-finals in their respective leagues.  On most of my teams, I have had to make (or will make by Sunday morning) some difficult decisions regarding who to sit/start.  Additionally, I will be sweating it out while I watch to see if my stars come through for me.  With that in mind, here are some questions that I have been asking myself this week.  Most of the queries won't be answered until Sunday.

How will Jordy Nelson respond to playing WR1 instead of WR2?  For that matter, how productive will he be given that his WR2 is either Jones or Driver?

Can Drew Brees come through with another 300+ yard, multi-touchdown performance?  Will Darren Sproles and/or Marquis Colston post good numbers this week?

Assuming Laurent Robinson plays (I will check on his status before game time tonight), will he post good numbers?  I hope that he does since all four of my teams own him, and I am starting him on three of those squads.

Speaking of Dallas, how will Felix Jones perform?  Heck, the more important question--will he be able to stay healthy for the entire game?

Can the Denver defense hold Tom Brady to under 300 yards and one touchdown?

Will Tennessee's defense come through big against Indianapolis?  I hope that they do, as I am starting them in all four leagues.

Oh, yeah, and the big one...Can all four teams advance given that I have am depending on players scoring for some teams while at the same time hoping that these players don't score too much, as they are on one or more of my opponent's squads?  I think almost every fantasy footballer who owns multiple teams has faced this issue at one time or another.

Well, that's all for now...good luck to everyone this Saturday and Sunday.

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