Top 25 Uniforms Worn by Professional Sports Teams of the Past (Written in 2012)

Abstract: This article provides a brief description of 25 of the coolest looking uniforms that have been worn by professional sports teams in the United States and Canada. Teams no longer wear these outfits except on special occasions.

Dolphins vs. Bills 11/11/07 (1)
I have seen countless sporting events over the course of my lifetime. I love watching thrilling contests and exciting finishes. I also pay attention to the outfits that the teams wear. Squads can score some extra points in my book if their players don great looking uniforms.

Here are 25 of the coolest uniforms that have been worn by professional sports teams (in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey) throughout the years. Some of these outfits have not been used on a regular basis in decades, but that fact does not tarnish their appeal.

1. Miami Dolphins' Orange and White, 2003-2004, 2009-2010: The Dolphins have only worn these alternate uniforms a few times. That is a pity, since this is the best outfit in the team's wardrobe.

2. Los Angeles Kings' Gray and White, 1996: This jersey did not last for more than one season, but I think it should have hung around a bit longer. The portrait on the chest area has an odd appeal, and the color scheme is somber yet creative.

3. Milwaukee Mustangs' Purple, Teal, and White, 1994-2001: Arena League officials listed this uniform as the 12th best AFL jersey of all time. I think it should rank first. The color combination is excellent, and the horse insignia is classic.

4. St. Louis Cardinals' Powder Blues, 1976-1984: The Cardinals' team logo fits perfectly within its powder blue background.

5. Minnesota Muskies, White with Blue, 1967-1968: The Minnesota Muskies of the American Basketball Association did not stay in Minneapolis for long, yet the team left a lasting impression with this uniform. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

6. Denver Broncos' Yellow and Brown, 1960-1961: Some people might not like these yellow and brown home uniforms. However, I think they are snazzy. The striped socks add an extra touch.

7. Milwaukee Brewers' Powder Blues, 1978-1986: This uniform adds just the right amount of yellow and dark blue to its powder blue base.

8. California Golden Seals' Teal, White, and Yellow, 1974-1976: The Seals, now the NHL's Dallas Stars, dug deep into a book of colors to create this home uniform. It has a sort of 1970s type appeal to it.

9. Montreal Alouettes' Red, White, and Blue 2001-2011: The Alouettes of the Canadian Football League somehow managed to find a way to mix three boring colors into a pot and come out with one cool home uniform. The team made a few changes to the jersey for the 2012 season.

10. Indiana Pacers' Blue with Yellow, 1967-1976: Another uniform that is cool because it is simple. The jersey adds just enough yellow to ensure it is not too blue.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Orange and White, 1977-1984: The Buccaneers did not always win a lot of games during this period, but it was not because of their uniforms.

12. Atlanta Hawks' Red and Black, 1995-1999: The best part about this jersey is the basketball-carrying hawk image emblazoned on its front.

13. Toronto St. Patricks' Green and White: 1922-1925: The NHL team, now referred to as the Toronto Maple Leafs, sported a nice looking green and white uniform once upon a time.

14. Oakland Athletics' White and Green, 1968: The away uniform definitely stands out. The green coloring is pretty cool.

15. Tampa Bay Storm's Multi-Colored, 1991: This jersey took 13th place on the Arena League's top 25 list. I do not see how this uniform ranked that low. Look closely and you will likely find your favorite color, whatever it may be, somewhere on the outfit.

16. New England Patriots' Red and White, and a Little Blue, 1984-1987: This uniform is simple but stylish. It utilizes red, white, and blue colors to perfection. The helmet features a full-bodied patriot logo that captures the team's grit and determination.

17. Kansas City Monarchs' Pinstripes, 1951-1952: The Kansas City Monarchs played in the Negro League. I would argue that the team's uniform makes great use of pinstripes.

18. Detroit Pistons' Teal, Black, Yellow, and Red, 1996-2000: The uniform sports some cool colors and a great logo.

19. Tampa Bay Lightning's Blue and Black, 1996-1999: This blue and black alternate jersey sports some cool graphics. The designs blend in with the background instead of detracting from it.

20. San Diego Chargers' Powder Blue and Yellow, 1973: The home uniform is colorful but not an eyesore. The powder blue top goes well with the yellow pants and uniform numbers.

21. Winnipeg Jets' White and Blue, 1980-1990: The hockey team's uniform may not seem all that glitzy by today's standards, but it is cool in its own way.

22. Philadelphia Eagles' Yellow and Blue, 1933-1934: The yellow and blue uniform is pleasing to the eyes. The Eagles thought highly enough of this uniform to trot it back out during a 2007 game.

23. San Diego Pardres' Brown, Yellow, and White, 1978: The uniform's brown and yellow top represents a nice change of pace. The shirt goes well with the white pants.

24. The Phoenix Coyotes' Tapestry, 1999-2003: This multicolored ensemble resembles a painting more than it does a uniform. That might be why I like it.

25. Baltimore Orioles' Orange, White, and Black, 1970-1992: This uniform provides a nice contrast to the previous entry. The Orioles were not afraid to bring it back out during one of the team's throwback nights.


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           The photographer/author has released the photo into the public domain without restrictions.

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