NFL Stadium Guide: Carolina Panthers (Written in 2012/2013)

Abstract: This stadium guide provides fans of the Carolina Panthers with pertinent information on Bank of America Stadium.

The Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. (1)
The Carolina Panthers are my second most favorite team behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have visited Bank of America Stadium on several occasions to watch the Panthers play football. The stadium is only about a three and half hour drive from my current residence. I love the stadium's design. Regardless of where I sit, I always feel like I have a great view of the field.

I have created a stadium guide for fans of the Carolina Panthers. The guide contains pertinent information on a range of topics related to the team's home stadium.

Stadium Name: Bank of America Stadium
Location: Charlotte, NC (located in downtown Charlotte)
Stadium Dimensions: Bank of America Stadium is approximately a half mile in circumference and 180 feet high from the field to the top of the scoreboard. It is an open air stadium and is divided into three tiers.
Maximum Capacity: 73,778 people
Wheelchair Seating: 1394 wheelchair ready spots located throughout the stadium.
Year Built: 1996
Parking: Fans attending the game can park at a variety of lots and parking garages located near the stadium. The parking fees vary by lot. There are over 30,000 parking spaces located within a mile or so of the stadium.
Handicap Parking: Bank of America Stadium does not have handicapped parking spaces. However, disabled individuals can park in Lot B at the Carolinas Medical Center, located at 1000 Blythe Boulevard. They can then take a shuttle to and from the game. This service costs $20.00 per vehicle.
Rail Service: Fans can park at several locations in Charlotte and ride the LYNX rail service into downtown. At least three of the train stops are within a few blocks of the stadium.
Food: 429 fixed concession stands, located throughout the stadium, offer the standard ballpark foods, including hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza. I can state from personal experience that the food is pretty good.
Alcohol: The stadium does serve beer. However, the park's vendors will stop selling alcohol at the end of the third quarter.
Prohibited Items: The list is long. It includes, among other things, video cameras, large bags, alcohol, umbrellas, laptops, beach balls, balloons, strollers, and pets. The Panthers also reserve the right to prohibit patrons from bringing banners and signs into the stadium at the team's discretion.
ATM Machines: 8 machines located at various places within the stadium.
Traffic: From experience, I can say that traffic heading to the stadium will be heavy on game days. People need to take this fact into consideration when planning a trip to a Panthers' game.


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The Carolina Panthers' official website
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The author's second most favorite team is the Carolina Panthers. He has traveled to Bank of America Stadium several times to watch the Panthers play.

-- Anthony Hopper

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