Posting Our Gray (Unfinished) Musings

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I think it would be interesting if more people on the Web posited their daily ruminations.  I don’t mean to say that people should update their statuses more often, list their lunch ideas, or place more emoticons on their posts. I think most of us have seen enough of those two types of updates.  Rather, I think people should spend more time positing their somewhat deeper philosophical, ethical, social, and financial thoughts/ideas.  The ones that are foremost in their minds at any particular moment but have not yet attained mature status (eg., are not ready for the press).

I feel that this tactic would achieve several purposes.  First, as a society, we would be able to learn more about our fellow men and women, as we could get beyond the facile.  Second, the individual posters would be creating a virtual storehouse for their ideas—a storehouse that might last long after they have perished.  Finally, the very act of writing down these thoughts might help us to learn more about ourselves. 
Those are my thoughts for the day.

Anthony Hopper

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