Your Suggestions for How to Keep from Becoming Jaded

It snowed in my area a few days ago.  I watched the snowflakes fall to the earth and thought to myself, "Isn't this site beautiful."  Upon further reflection, I realized that I enjoyed the moment only because it was both rare and ephemeral.  I only see a few snow showers per year--maybe five or six at the most.  I think I would have a much different opinion of these phenomena if they occurred more often.

Along the same lines, I have lived in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains, since I was born.  I have grown used to the sight of these peaks and do not feel a thing--even a brief flicker of emotion--when I turn my eyes towards them.  Whereas a visitor to the area might say, "Wow, look at those beautiful mountains," I simply shrug and say, "Eh, mountains..."

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It is the same with everything.  If I view an object, vista, whatever, often enough, then I lose my sense of wonder.  I become jaded.  I'm sure that this is human nature; that we all struggle with this problem.  So, my question to you (to my
readers) is, "Can I use any techniques, etc. to keep these views fresh?"  In other words, is there a method I can utilize that will allow me to maintain my sense of wonder/excitement at seeing a scene/object, regardless of how many times I look upon it?

Perhaps you have some ideas...I would be happy to hear them.

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