Snakes and Snow-Truly Ironic!

Snow outside of my house.

Yesterday was certainly interesting.  I was clearing some brush and leaves when it started to snow-SNOW!  Keep in mind that it rarely snows in southwest Virginia in April.  Even more surprising, as I was raking leaves, I came upon a small garter snake.  I was amazed to see a snake slithering around in near freezing temperatures; they usually stay in their burrows in this type of weather (heck, most of the snakes are probably still hibernating).  So, imagine me (or anyone really) raking leaves and moving brush during a snowstorm (in a month that does not usually see any snowstorms) and finding a snake.  Truly ironic!


  1. Another one of my fellow bloggers is a Virginian and she said that she got snow yesterday as well. Must have hit the whole state!

  2. I wish they had called it "global weather change" rather than "global warming" then we would understand it better and be more willing to accept the fact: Yes, for sure, the weather is changing! We are 8" short of our "normal" rainfall here in Oregon, and that is a lot.


  3. Con la sinceridad en la mano
    y una sonrisa en los labios,
    te deseo un esplendido
    fin de semana!!
    Cumpliendo sueños
    y restableciendo ilusiones...

    Un abrazo de esperanza
    Y un beso de confianza.

    María Del Carmen

  4. Hello! Very interesting sitiuation...the weather is changing...

  5. We had snow here recently, too, though we're farther north than Virginia. Interesting about the snake!

  6. Calculated on the amount of snow here in 5 feet 6 .. 7 ..
    Weather conditions in normal;)

  7. That is interesting and quite ironic! :) I love natures surprises!