Happy Holidays! Enjoy these Photos

Happy Holidays everyone!  I've uploaded a  few photographs from Wikimedia Commons, which you might enjoy.  I didn't take any of these photos; all credit goes to the photographers (listed at the bottom of this blog post).

On a side note, I would encourage you to check out Wikimedia Commons. The site contains tons of free-to-use photos on a wide variety of topics.  Just make sure you follow the dictates of whichever license is in place (usually a Creative Commons license).

You might also enjoy reading this freelance article recalling my childhood Easter experiences.  Granted, it's not a Christmas story, but reading it might help you get in the mood to celebrate the holidays.

Once again, Happy Holidays!

Sneeuw-Weegje (1)

The Old Church Park in Helsinki, Finland (2)

An albino Barren Ground Caribou, Wagon Trails Animal Park. (3)

1. Photographer/Author: Dick Mudde. Date: Jan. 13, 2008. Public Domain: Yes
2. Photographer/Author: Lumijaguaari. Date: January 1, 2006. Public Domain: Yes, via a GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 
3. Photographer/Author: Brian0918, Date: June 26, 2005?. Public Domain: Yes, via a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

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