My Fantasy Football Thoughts, Week 2

My fantasy football teams have done well so far this season.  All three teams won their games in the first week of play.  Two of my teams have sealed victories in Week 2.  I may hit the trifecta again this week if Matt Ryan and/or Julio Jones has a big game (eg. Ryan would probably need 250-300 yards and 2 touchdowns). Here are some of my fantasy football thoughts after watching the Week 2 games.

I have spent the last two Sundays watching the NFL football games at a local bar/restaurant (I had coupons for steep discounts on the food).  During that time, I had a chance to watch portions of most of the games.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

Four Teams Prone to Giving Up Big Games to Fantasy Defenses: I wold suggest targeting any defense that plays against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tennessee Titans, and the Arizona Cardinals (and yes, I know the Cardinals are 2-0).  I think that a solid defense will be able to rack up some fantasy points against these teams in most weeks.  Of course, the season is still young.  One or more of these teams may pick-up the offensive pace and come off this list.

Seattle Seahawks Defense: I own the Seattle Seahawks' defense in all three of my leagues and plan to use that D next week.  I know that the idea of playing the Seattle D. against Green Bay might seem crazy (and might be crazy--we'll have to see), but I was mightily impressed by the team's performance against the Dallas Cowboys.  Additionally, Rogers has been susceptible to sacks.

Looking Back at My Preseason Players to Watch List: Right before the season began, I listed several players who I thought would have big years (or at least be worth a value pick-up).  I am quite happy (so far) with my choices at QB and at WR.  I have been somewhat disappointed with Donald Brown; however, I will continue to hang on to him.  Alfred Morris has done more or less what I expected him to do (though, sadly, I dropped him in one league to pick-up Kevin Ogletree--argh, what a mistake)...I am most disappointed with Greg Olsen.  I have dropped him in one league (did it last night) and will drop him in my other league as well.  I picked up Martellus Bennett in his place.  I will look tonight to see if Bennett is available in my other league (and try to pull-off the same transaction). 

Fantasy Surprise of the Week: Like everyone else, I was shocked when the Arizona Cardinals beat the New England Patriots.  However, I was more surprised by the New York Giants' offensive explosion.  I was not feeling good about my chances to win any of my leagues early on during the day, especially given how poorly Eli Mannig (owned on 1 team), Victor Cruz (owned on 2 teams), and company were playing.  Needless to say, I was shocked to see Eli and the Giants turn things around.  Manning's and Cruz's performances helped catapult me to victory in two fantasy football leagues and have given me a fighting chance in the other one.

Update (9/18/2012): I managed to eke out a win in the league game that was in question.  I am now 2-0 in all three leagues.  Of course, with my luck, I will probably be 2-12 by the end of the season. :/


  1. I was also amazed to see the Patriots lose to the Cardinals. I'd lose any fantasy league, though, as I'm sentimental about player choices to a fault.

    I hope you keep the good luck going throughout the season!

  2. Cards/Pats killed my NFL survivor season. As it did about 45 percent of people.

  3. Sorry, not much of a football fan or fantasy football fan. :(

  4. I was also shocked by the New England game, especially when the spread was something like 13.5, as I recall. Yowza!

  5. I'm from Chicago and root for the Bears kinda by default.

    The consequence, however, is that similar to Anthony I catch a lot of games on the fly at bars and restaurants... and for years I've had various Bears wide receivers.

    Watching Cutler throw to my WR guys has been a horrifying and harrowing experience for three years now. Has anyone else noticed this? I swear to God Cutler puts them in dangerous and irresponsible situations. Even his old pal B Marsh had a guy almost snap his leg in week 1 this year.

    -I'm thinking of starting a fantasy football Post-Cutler Support Group.

    [I picked up Bennett too ... freakin Hernandez.]

  6. good luck with the rest of the season then

  7. I'm not much of a football fan but I wish good luck to your teams :p