Footbal Season is Fast Approaching

The NFL football season is fast approaching.  I can't believe that the first game of the season, between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, takes place in less than a week (on Wednesday, Sept. 5).  With that in mind, here are some random, football related questions.

Clip art courtesy of Microsoft Office
1. I wonder How Many Retired Players Would Return If...? If retired football players (the ones who retired due to age and not due to injuries) were asked, "Would you return to the game if you woke up tomorrow and you were 25 again?  How about if you were 25 again, yet you still possessed any football related injuries (including brain injuries)?  I assume that most players would answer yes to the first question.  It would be interesting to see how many of them would respond aye to the second question.

2. Will Maurice Jones-Drew End His Holdout Soon? That is a question on many fantasy football players' minds (and probably on the minds of most Jaguars fans).  I do not own Jones-Drew in any of my fantasy leagues; however, I do have his back-up, Rashad Jennings, on two of my fantasy rosters.  The longer Jones-Drew holds out, the happier I am.

3. How Will the Replacement Refs Perform? I've seen numerous articles, videos etc. detailing the refs' bloopers.  However, I've watched some of the preseason games on T.V. (at a local restaurant/bar), and I think they are doing okay.  Regardless, the replacement referees' real tests will come next week, when the football season begins in earnest.

4. Will the Steelers Beat the Broncos in Week 1? Let's hope so. :)

That's all for now....


  1. Some questions are really complicated... but the fact that we can't predict the future is the thing that makes life interesting. At least in my opinion.

  2. Looking forward to football being back. I don't dislike the Broncos, but I'll certainly be pulling for the Steelers against Payton Manning!