Don't Let Your Past Weigh You Down

When we are young, I think (at least from my own perspective) we tend to live mostly in the present and near future.  As we get older, and perhaps it is only me speaking here, we tend to think more about our past.  We reminisce more often, which is a good thing; however, we also tend to fret about or relive past mistakes or choices (even good ones).  The (as I call it) "What if I had done this...or what if I had made this decision" syndrome can weigh us down.  In other words, instead of learning from our past mistakes and moving on, we get caught up in the past.  They act as chains which weigh us down in the present, lessening our ability to enjoy the present. 

With that said, I have always found it worthwhile to remind myself that the past no longer exists (except in my memories).  Sure my current life situation and personality make-up are the result of past choices; however, they are only a part.  The present and the future are the parts that I can still impact.

I'm sure that all of us are aware of that fact; it is a simple statement.  However, it is sometimes difficult for us to accept.  Nonetheless, in order for us to achieve the most, to be the best, etc...we need to latch onto it.

I can also understand (or at least I think I understand) that it is sometimes most difficult for older people to focus on the present, as most of their lives are behind them.  However, my advice to individuals of all ages would be the same.  Learn and let go.  Hold the joys and a bit of the sadness from times no more, but don't let the past overwhelm you.

Okay, those are my words of wisdom for the day.  :)

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  1. I agree with you completely. I'm definitly one of the what ifers thinking how different my life could be :)

  2. I try not think about the past too much otherwise we won't be able to live in the moment.

  3. Engaging post! I can relate to reminiscing too much lol but I realize now how we sometimes idealize the past while the present is pretty great too! :)


  4. ¿A que huelen las flores?
    Las flores huelen a romance primaveral…
    Y sus pétalos es la obediencia de tus ojos
    Para admirar la madrugada…
    Cada fin de semana virtual.

    Que tengas
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    María del Carmen

  5. Excellent advice!

    I enjoyed reading your articles. Those aren't factors of the presidential election I would have considered before--and if I'm ever in Virginia, I'll have to check out some of those places. :)

  6. good advice, not sure if I can follow it

  7. Sound words indeed, Anthony. I'm kind of relieved for the choices that's led me to where I am now, I regret the physical process of having to age, it's hard to accept the wrinkles are speeding up - but then, I guess it's better than the alternative, eh?

  8. I agree with you and thanks for the advice :)

  9. It's definitely hard sometimes, but excellant thoughts nevertheless.