Fantasy Football: Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger Are Moving Up My Draft List

I know it is early summer (or maybe it's still technically spring) and NFL football is months away.  Maybe I'm having football withdrawals ;-).  Anyway, I still try to keep tabs on players and ponder draft strategies.  Anyway, as I was searching the Web for fantasy football related material, I noticed this article by Nader Ktait: Carolina Interest in Other Receivers is Not Surprising.

After reading the article, I thought a bit about which quarterbacks I would try to nab if my fantasy (snake) draft occurred today.  I decided that Cam Newton would be the 2nd QB on my list, right behind Aaron Rodgers and ahead of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Stafford, etc.  Cam was incredible last year, given the fact that he was a rookie.  I think he will be even better this year because a) his line and wr core should be improved and b) he has more experience.

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe even a few days ago), I would have placed Drew Brees in the 2nd spot.  However, there are just too many question marks in New Orleans right now...The biggest one being, "Will Drew Brees sign the franchise player tender offer/contract?"

As an aside, Ben Roethlisberger is moving up my fantasy draft QB list.  Over the past couple of years, Big Ben has been limited by his porous offensive line.  The Steelers draft pick-ups of David DeCastro and Mike Adams should help to bolster that offensive line.  Heck, those two pick-ups might turn a pretty bad offensive line into a very good one.  If that happens, watch out!  The Steelers have excellent wide receivers, an underrated tight end, and a decent running game (and yes, I know that the starting rb is coming off ACL surgery)...With that said, hmmm, I might move Roethlisberger into the top 5 before the season begins.

That's all for now...

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  1. I forgot about fantasy, I need to join a league! Might wait a little longer to see the preseason.

  2. draft qb list
    interesting one

  3. It is never too early for FF talk in my mind Anthony.

    Well argued about Cam. I think the current trend in fantasy is to look for a QB that will post weekly rushing stats. Last year, even as bad as Tebow threw the ball, he posted good rushing and scoring totals. If RG3 rushes for some touchdowns and posts average numbers passing, he'll be a super value pick--though I think after what Cam did, the expectations will be too high for him this year.

    I have always liked how Big Ben represents a threat to score the one-yard QB sneak.

    Ok, that is my 10,000 word submission.

    When does the season start?

  4. Thanks for your comments all :-)...and @ slamdunk -->the season can't start soon enough. :-)

  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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