Perhaps It Is Time to Change Up My Fantasy Football Drafting Strategies

This article from Yahoo (by Jason Cole) got me thinking about fantasy football drafting strategies.  In previous years, I have always picked a running back (or in my first year playing in a fb league using a snake draft system--a wide receiver) in the first round.  In fact, on many occasions, I would opt to choose the best available running backs in Rounds 1 and 2.  I would often wait until the 4th or even 5th round to snag a QB.  I changed up that strategy last year and snagged Drew Brees in the first round in one league.  I went ahead and picked up either Stafford or Brees for my other leagues in the 2nd or 3rd rounds (in 2 leagues I had both Stafford and Brees; however, he was a later round pick in those two leagues).  At the same time, I tended to focus more on picking up quality wide receivers and less on snagging top-tier running backs.  I would, for instance, snag a tier 1 rb (Adrian Peterson for instance) and a Tier 2 guy with potential, like Beanie Wells or Darren Sproles.  In one or two leagues, I didn't have any tier 1 backs on my team at the start of the season.  Despite this fact (or maybe because of it), I enjoyed the most success I've ever had in fantasy football in the 2011-2012 season.  

Given how much success I had in fantasy football last year, I will probably be even more likely to pick-up a Tier 1 QB in the 1st round of this year's fantasy football drafts (depending on draft position).  I think my days of prioritizing running backs (and sometimes wide receivers) over quarterbacks is over.


  1. I remember my first choice last year. QB phenom Sam Bradford. I was sure hoping he'd bring the Rams into the playoffs again. Oh well, I may go kicker first round this time. It'd end up probably beating my last years efforts, haha.

  2. TOM BRADY BABY!!!!!! My second team, I was up last, so I picked Cam Newton. He didn't steer me wrong either. He was a great rookie!!!

    We are doing a blogger fantasy football league this year. You should join!!!

  3. I think it would make sense to make the qb the priority, as he is the most important player. You can still win the Super Bowl with a great defense, and a ball control offense... but even then you need a good quarterback. I mean in the real world...I suppose fantasy football has it's own nuances, and whatnots. (Once someone starts using words like "whatnots" in their comments, it's time to shut up, so I think I will do that now.)

  4. I've never played Fantasy Football--it sounds quite complicated, though. :P

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    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  5. I've never gonna understand the appeal of this

  6. Never really understood Fantasy Football myself. I prefer Fantasy Hitler Simulator (Hearts of Iron 3). Though I don't think I'll be taking Stalingrad unlike the bloody oaf.

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