Digitized Literature and the Changes that May Come

I made these comments in response to a blog post on More Red Ink, entitled, "More on the Death of Science Fiction."  The blog article is located at:

Anyway, I felt my response was worth posting on my blog.

Personally, I think that the death of certain types of science fiction writing, ie. dime novels, pulp fiction magazines, is mainly due to changes in culture and technology.  I think another shift is occurring now as literature becomes digitized.  Will future readers, who grew up with a Kindle in one hand and a notepad in the other, be content with perusing through pages upon pages of text?  Perhaps they will demand that e-stories become more interactive, with numerous, imbedded videos (perhaps even interactive videos that allow the viewer to control some aspect of their denouement).



  1. Interesting thought Anthony. I can see how the embedded clips would have appeal to the next generation of readers.

    Not just with SF authors but all types, I think that there will be fewer and fewer professional writers. With the decline in profit margins for e-books and the ease of publishing, I believe the moonlighting author (who works a regular day job) will be the norm instead of the full-time career writer.

  2. That might be true Slamdunk. In one way, the new e-technologies might democratize the sci-fi/fantasy writing business via allowing more people to publish books/novellas. On the other hand, it will likely dilute the quality of the literature that is produced.

    If nothing else, the coming technological changes will have unintended consequences (both positive and negative).

  3. I know too little about SF but to literature surely it will change.
    It's hard predict and I'm still thinking about it. Maybe the relations with "words" will change. I still cannot make it clear but I've been reading online for the last five years.
    I still have a connection to the "paper word" because I spent my whole life using it.
    I feel the difference reading online but, again, I don't know how to express it.
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  4. Hi Ana...Thanks for reading the post and commenting. Given what you have said, I will take your remarks as the highest compliment. Thank you!


  5. Ana, I also want to thank you for the suggestion to search for blog directories.