About My Blog-My First Post

I have created this blog for several reasons.  On the vain or self-interested side, I have begun this project with an eye towards self-motivation.  I want to try to capture a bit of "myself" on virtual paper in an effort to leave something of myself behind when I pass away.  I hope to leave a record of these musings, along with other (of my) textual artifacts, to a college or post them to a website which will be maintained in perpetuity by a trust fund.  I have also decided to undertake this venture because I feel that I sometimes have something important to say.  I do not harbor any illusions as to the grandeur or novelty of my thoughts; few if any people in this world are able to posit new ideas or find innovative ways to review old ones.  I think the phrase, "been there done that" adequately sums up not only my musings but the vast majority of blog posts, articles, and other public commentary.  With that said, I hope that my posts will provide readers with a slightly different perspective on subjects of interest to them.  If nothing else, my blog will touch on a variegated mix of different topics.

In my experience, people, including me, rarely get the chance to express their true feelings on issues or topics they care about.  Rather, they carefully redact their written statements or meticulously craft their public comments to conform to their goals, their audience, and the situation.  It is vitally necessary for us to obfuscate our true thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on most occasions, either out of respect for the rights and dignity of others or for self-interested reasons.  While this tactic might be socially or personally beneficial, it severely limits the amount of "authentic" discourse that occurs in the U.S. (or for that matter in any country).

Ideally, this blog will help to meet my readership's needs for authentic text.  As such, I will try to posit my true feelings on issues.  Unless otherwise noted, I will edit these statements for grammar but not for any other reason.  The downside to that decision is that these blog posts will not be stylistic masterpieces.  The upside is that they should provide a window into my soul.  If nothing else, they will be honest renderings.



  1. Hi, I really like your idea!
    Recently I started my own blog ...

  2. A Good beginning! Now I will dig deeper and read some back issues! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Thanks for popping into my blog, now following you and look forward looking through yours and reading your random thoughts, :) Kim