Turnover in the Blogging World is High?

I've been blogging seriously for less than a year.  But in that short time, I have noticed that a vast majority of the blogs I am following are no longer active.  I am not sure if my experiences with a small data sample are indicative of blogging as a whole.  If they are, then it would seem that turnover in the blogging world is quite high.  From what I can gather in reviewing my database, maybe 15%-20% of the bloggers who are active now will still be blogging in a year's time.

Do you all agree with that perception, or do you believe it is higher (or maybe even lower)?


  1. I think you're right on. I have a feeling that a lot of people don't really realize that blogging (seriously) is often quite a lot of work. And once they realize that, it gets set to the side...sometimes indefinitely.

  2. I agree. There are so many bloggers that I started out among back in 2010 who aren't around now.

  3. I can neither confirm not deny this. I really don't follow many bloggers. I just started blogging myself a little over a month ago and am much more interested in keeping new content on my blog than reading others.

    Maybe I could learn more by following more people, but I really don't have the time to read while trying to keep fresh content on mine.

  4. I agree that turnover is high, but I am not sure of the specifics. Having written now for years, my feelings as to the high turnover:

    1) Most people initially write for themselves, but then people begin commenting and it requires lots of time to write posts and comment. As one's blog grows, the more work is involved.

    2) People launch blogs when it works in their lives. Things change for everyone; in 12 months priorities may change and time for blogging shrinks.

    3) People become bored. They may have a family, movie review, or sports blog and after months of writing on one topic, they loose interest.

    Just my 2 cents.

    And, thanks for your comment on my fantasy football league. I draw the line at 2 leagues--and I am in two this year.

  5. I'm relatively new by this bands but I've notice that too...

  6. I've been hearing this from a lot of people lately, and been noticing it myself...