Sometimes You Have to Break the Rules

Thought for the Day

A nation needs its citizens to adhere to a whole range of rules and regulations if that society is going to remain viable.  By the same token, any organization, company, etc. must promulgate (and enforce) a coda if it wants to survive.  Sometimes, as citizens, employees, etc., we have to follow those regulations to the letter.  However, in many instances, I would suggest that we use the rules as anchor points.  They set general standards, and we can deviate somewhat from them.  

By maintaining some flexibility in this regard, we can cultivate important customer/personal/employee relationships, maximize efficiency, and otherwise make decisions which are in our stakeholders' best interests but run counter to some aspect of a regulation.  

While I know this fact to be true, it is sometimes difficult to determine when to veer from a regulation.  It is also tough to make that choice.  I find it much easier to fall back on the mantra (saying), "All the I's must be dotted, and the T's must be crossed."

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